1. Passion
2. Angelic Message
3. Cupid
4. The Lovers Card, 6
5. The Lovers

1. Passion
     It always amazes me how certain people can enter our lives just when you need some kind of guidance....or encouragement....or someone to show you the way: to to see the light, if you will. There have been many such people who have touched my life through the years and more so in recent months. It is no coincidence who we meet on this journey called *life*. Everything happens for a reason...usually unbeknownst to us at the time.

     Approximately 4 years ago I received an e-mail from a person I had not received mail from before. This is not unusual in and of itself as you know, we are inundated by e-mail of various nature. But this particular e-mail was from a man who writes essays for a Forum, the topics of which held an interest for me. There was one in particular which I really liked. I asked his permission to reprint it here for you. It does not have a title...but the subject is about Passion. So I will entitle it Passion....


I think in order to approach a subject such as passion we should first take into account how it is viewed, the legend of it if you will. In doing so I will use some common analogies. In this attempt I will call upon passion's much debatable foe, love, for comparison. An often used analogy pertaining to love is the lighting of a candle for one's love for another and basking in it's glow, the glow of love, on the outside looking in. Passion on the other hand is likened to that of a fire, a burning that consumes and the intensity of which is not controlled, unlike that of a burning candle. Passion's glow is created by the actual burning of the self, of one's soul. This burning is then conveyed in various manners.

A few ways that come to mind are that of the arts, writing, composing and performing music, and painting. Though each may be considered not like the other the origin is the same. In each a message is delivered, whether happy or sad. In music some musicians simply play notes where as others feel them and tell you their story, a writer with words and an artist with his paints, the message is sent, they are interpreters of feeling not just performers, their passion won't settle for that. An old saying states that in order to play the blues you have to have them, once again, feel not just play, if not passionately then it will lack.

We can all feel but most do not feel to their capacities. Opinions of others and social conformity hinder the majority in the pursuit of their passion, some don't pursue at all, fearing the passion, knowing that it has a blatant disregard for all. Passion once accepted and it's power harnessed can become an invaluable ally, in all it's conflagration and ferocity it is quite capable of delivering one from mediocrity. It is not just whole heartedly believing or doing it is the fire that burns deep down, that of the soul. Long after the heart is dead, gone and laid to rest the soul is said to remain. The passion remains as well providing feeling to all that soul had created. The passionate don't just do it but they feel it and they are not just existing but are actually alive. How many of us can say that?
-By Roman Griffen

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2. Angelic Message
Here is an angelic message on the topic of Soulmates from the Archangel Michael:

12/96 Dear Ones:
To answer your questions about soul mates, and the flame of spirituality that connects them, it is important to remember that each soul has a mate or partner that it has chosen to work with through many life times. Some times barriers become erected and must be torn down. Remember, spirituality and trust are the main key in any relationship for it to be lasting. If there has been a problem in these areas it is important to rectify it as soon as you can. Have patience, understanding and unconditional love when re-establishing these, for it took very little to place barriers or walls there because of lack in communication to keep these alive. Be open and vulnerable to your mate, show them your deep seated feelings of unconditional love, and rebuild a strong foundation. Start with building on friendship once again and allowing the soul to see you as you truly are.

Share your feelings even of compassion, sorrow, fear, unconditional love for them and such. They need to see this. Unconditional love, willingness to make things right with time is the building blocks that are needed. The deep feelings of love are there between both of you, but misunderstandings and miscommunication or lack of it has caused mistrust. The mistrust stems from deep hurt that only your love can replace. Ask for God’s help and blessing in this relationship, and you will see a big difference. The two soul’s lives may have many problems separate, but united they can make miracles. You can look at it as a bed with the layers of bed pad, sheets, blankets and so on or as building a house starting with the foundation. If the first layer or thing is missing, it must be found. It will be well worth your time and effort with so much happiness that will be blessed by God. Don’t keep punishing them or yourself. Trust in God to help. Take the first step to your happiness and God. God’s love and light.

3. Cupid
Cupid is a ancient mythological Roman god. He was the symbol of passionate and playful love and the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The Greek version of Cupid is Eros, the son of Aphrodite. This is where we get our modern day words erotic and aphrodisiac.

The myth is told that Cupid falls in love with the beautiful Psyche, a mortal woman. Jealousy and suspicious love lead Psyche to spy on her divine husband, as a result of which she is banished from Cupid's home. Venus became jealous and tricked Psyche into doing a series of tasks of ever increasing difficulty. However, when Psyche peeked into the "box of beauty", she was struck into a deep slumber. Cupid searches for and finally finds his lover asleep. Because of his overwhelming love for Psyche, he is able to remove her sleep and place it back into the box. With one of his arrows he is able to pierce her heart and bring her back to life.

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4. The Lovers Card, #6
The Lovers card depicts the unclothed bodies of two lovers, a man and a woman. They bare their souls’ to each other. The man gazes upon the woman while the woman looks up to the spirit, Archangel Michael. As the angel hovers over the couple, arms and wings spread as if blessing the pair. The sun shines above his head, bringing warmth and security and light. The leaves on the tree mirror the hair on the Angels head…a symbol of the fires of passion burning deep within the lovers’ soul. This sun and fire is also symbolic of our life force and our impulse to create. The fertile grass beneath their feet, and fruit on the tree suggests growth and happiness.

However, with all the cards or aspects in a birth chart, there can be negative manifestations of the symbolism of this card. The snake coiled in the tree behind the woman is a gentle reminder of the story of Adam and Eve and the temptations we may be faced with. There are 3 people in this card…not two. In this regard, the third person could be an intruder to the relationship. Triangulation can occur when there is a choice to be made between two lovers. The Lovers card “is” a card of choices. Choices can be between sexual love and spiritual love although they are closely related. The card can imply the struggling temptation between our immediate material desires versus staying true to ourselves on our spiritual path. There can be a conflict between different forms of attraction.

When we see the Lovers card in a reading, it can augur the coming or presence of a Soul Mate relationship. It mostly represents our most intensely intimate and sexual relationships. Because this is a card of choices, when we see it in a reading it could test our personal beliefs as well as our values within that relationship. We may need to choose between with is right for us and what is wrong for us. This could be an ethical or moral choice. Please see what I have written about the Devil Card which is the symbolic opposite the THE LOVERS at site listed under Articles/Venus/Pluto.

In this card, the urge for union is rather powerful and it takes love to the highest spiritual level, symbolic of the Angel. When The Lovers appear, it always refers to a relationship based on a deep, unwavering love. There is no force more powerful. It doesn’t always have to be a sexual relationship although the mutual sexual attraction can be unrivaled.

The Lovers Card is my personal Life Path Card, the #6. To find out your own Life Path Number add up the numbers in your birth date and reduce that number to one digit. For example, my birthday is: July 21, 1958 or 7+2+1+1+9+5+8 = 33 or 3 + 3 = 6. Since 33 is a Master Number I am technically not suppose to reduce it. The number 6 is the path of Love. It can mean following your own path and going against those who urge you to go in a direction that is not right for you. If this is “your” Destiny or Life Path number, it is your path to bring compassion, unconditional love and harmony to those around you. It is your responsibility to heal the pain of others and to show them the way, by setting an example and teaching the way of love.

Having The Lovers and the Number 6 as your Destiny or Life Path is not way! Because of your own experiences of hurt and betrayal in relationships or if you have been the one who hurt and betrayed another, it is through these experiences that you are able to heal and teach others who have lost their way. The Lovers card and the number 6 are all about unconditional love, strength, wisdom and compassion. How often do we give love without judgment or strings attached to it?

For your information, starting this year, 1/1/2002 is a Number 6 year. Pay attention to the significance of relationships of all kinds and how they play out in your life during this coming year. Feel free to share your personal stories with me. With Love and…always Smiles…Lorraine
5. The Lovers
The Lovers

They come two in one
One melting of two lights
Dark to light to one
Moon to Sun, Mother-to-Father
They come full force as one
They come fire to water
World unspoken to a shouting force
Tornado manifesting the unseen
Face of wax melting to steel
Iron fist hiding velvet
Soft to hard, water to rock
Earth to wind, Love to Hate
One equal power to many sides
Twisting to one fate, destiny
Love the great force unseen
Invisible glue of all matter
Come and going into being
From nowhere to the seen
From eve sight to oblivion
Tunnel without light beckoning
I call forth the fire
I call forth the water
I call forth the visible
I call forth the unseen
One Power. One Force. One Love
Falling thru Time
Time mirror of illusion.

- Charly, February 1999
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