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Dear StarGazers,

I believe that many people have difficulty embracing the idea of past lives or in reincarnation. Yet many of these same individuals are determined to find their Soulmates. If you are of the same mindset as I, then you too will believe that we tend to attract people or partners to us who compliment ourselves in some way. In attracting these people or partners, we attract exactly what we need in order to grow. I believe that a Soulmate can be a man or a makes no difference. What makes a Soulmate relationship so special is the ability to immediately and intimately connect on a much deeper level; we perceive in the other that which we do not have, that which we are lacking. Through this type of symbiotic relationship, something wonderful happens. Through this relationship we confront or become more aware of our limitations. This kind of *joining* transforms the other, and visa versa.

FuchsiaStars: What Does it Mean? by Randy Nash
Fuchsia Star taken literally is an enigma.  The light from stars comes from hydrogen gases exploding. The light from a star when examined under a spectrometer consists of a set of discrete colors across the spectrum. These individual colors when combined produce white light.
In our expanding universe, stars are either moving towards the earth or away. Light from a star that is approaching the earth will be observed with the individual colors shifted higher in frequency. The colors shift from red towards blue. This is called a blue star. The speed the star is traveling towards the earth can be measured from the amount of color shift. When a star is moving away from the earth, the light spectral components move lower in frequency from blue to red. This is called the red shift. Most stars are moving away from the earth and are red. Using assumptions of the origin of the universe, the amount of red shift can be used to measure the distance the star is from earth in light years.  If a star was stationary, and not moving , it would be a white star. If a star is moving towards the earth, it is a blue star, and if it is moving away from the earth it is a red star.
Now Fuchsia is made of the combination of red and blue. How can a star be red and blue at the same time. Is it moving towards the earth and away from the earth at the same time? Does this mean a Fuchsia Star cannot exist? But what if one is observed, what does that say about our universe? Would it would mean the basic models and science we use to understand the universe is incomplete, or wrong. Could a Fuchsia Star be an undiscovered star powered not by hydrogen gas, but by some other unknown matter?
A Fuchsia Star can exist in theory, in its own universe ruled by a completely different physics.

Meet Lorraine

The little numerology and astrology books you would see at the check out counter at the neighborhood grocery store were the first introductions and influence into my interest in metaphysical topics. Interest in the unknown, unconsciously motivated behavior, and in psychological aspects of behavior, continued throughout college.  My BA in Psychology concentrated on Abnormal, Deviant & Violent psychology and I'm currently pursuing a Masters/Ph.D. in Health Psychology while simultaneously pursuing certification as a CADC - Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor.
In the past, I have utilized personality testing in the field of Human Resources in the interviewing and hiring process. My Human Resources Certificate is from Cornell University (ILR) International Labor Relations and well as having a Generalist Certificate from The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). 

Since 1995, my concentration has been in combining my knowledge of psychology and astrology and utilizing the two in the counseling process. Involvement with an online support group on America Online (AOL) for Online Addiction and Cyber Affairs lasted for 1 1/2 years. During that time I had counsel ed over 300 people online. In addition I have been consulting as Internet Researcher and Personnel Recruiter (Integrated Staffing Resources, Inc.) On the astrology front, I have provided research to an Astrologer which was then utilized in an Astrology course. My astrological focus lies mostly in the areas of relationship counseling ie: compatibility, karmic astrology, personality career/vocational counseling, addictions and sexuality in the birth chart. I am a member of the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), The Magi Society and The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), American Psychological Association (APA), & Carl Jung Foundation. Reading Tarot, incorporating numerological symbolism is utilized to guide others during consultation. Other Certifications include Reiki Levels I, II and Advanced Restorative Reiki, consisting of Pre-Surgery, Imagery and Client Empowerment and have been a Reiki volunteer at the local SPCA.

Lorraine Valente is a professional Holistic Practitioner, Astrologer and Intuitive Guide. She has lectured for the American Federation of Astrologers and various Spiritual Groups in New Jersey. Her popular e-newsletter "Lunar Notes" is distributed monthly.


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Special Thanks
Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this section of the website. Very often the people involved in, or who inspired its development, go unnoticed! I'd like to take this opportunity to send a special thank you to a few artists/writers who have permitted me to utilize their work.

This may seem a bit odd to you, however, the idea for the creation of this website started in January 1998, after what I thought was the end of a relationship. When I started working on the site, I also started to study more intensely relationships through the birth charts of men I had past relationships with. I then studied charts of friends and then with family members. After I started the site I completely left it alone for over 2 years. Friends who will visit this site will see that it is rather autobiographical. It is meant to be and also meant to be shared with you.

Many people have asked me what exactly does FuchsiaStar mean? Fuchsia is one of my favorite flowers, it is rather delicate and intricately designed, shaped like little ruffled bells that dangle downward from their wirey twig-like branches. It is mostly seen in hanging planters. Fuchsia is also a beautiful hot pink color. Star? Well that speaks for itself as I look towards the stars in utilizing the study of astrology to better understand our human nature. Fuchsia also sounds like "Future"...Future - Stars! Please visit my other site at for more...

A very special thank you to Randy D. Nash for his own unique interpretation of a FuchsiaStar! Pretty neat huh? Thank you for taking the time to understand me so well! It sure feels good to be validated. You are truly a sweetheart. Randy has his Masters Of Science in Electrical Engineering...of course he would with a 1st house Uranus!

As I searched the internet for astrological art I came across the incredible artist Richard Murrin. I promptly e-mailed him to ask for his permission to utilize his art entitled "Nebula" on this website and he quickly agreed. Thank you Richard for your prompt response and let's hope I can send a few more visitors to your website! Click here to visit his remarkably creative galactic art and visit his enchanting "Mystical Ladies" site too....something else! Wow! I love his work and I'm sure you will too. His biography is listed on his site. Click here:

I don't know about you but I am an avid music lover and have been since as far back as I can remember. Listening to music allows my imagination to wander and helps me to better articulate or identify my feelings. Whenever I feel "stuck" I'll listen to a favorite group or song. In fact, I've been known to listen to the same CD repeatedly over months at a time! It seems that whatever is going on in my life, music which relates to my current experiences or lessons seem to appear synchronistically or make itself known to me. These past couple of years were no different.

When I first heard Savage Garden's first song on the air..I immediately ran out to purchase their CD. I had to know who wrote it and who had that beautiful voice! There was "something" about his voice and his lyrics that triggered some unusual feelings of deja vu or a feeling of familiarity. I have been experiencing these feelings of familiarity for many years with others I have met or come in contact with in some fashion. I'm going to save some of that story and a couple of others for later in this site. However, I became a groupie for a few days...a crazed fan in search for information about Savage Garden on the internet. I must have read every fan club site imaginable searching for the group's birth data! To date, I have only located birth dates and places of birth for Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones. As soon as I located the information I quickly entered their birth data into my astrological program and ran both individual and compatibility charts for them - as a duet. Then I noticed something else. I placed my planets around the chart of Darren Hayes to see exactly why I resonated so intensely with his work...and that "voice" and natal sun is conjunct his south node. I have found on several occasions that when I am "attracted" to something about a person or artwork or writings, and this doesn't have to be anyone that I have seen or known, there are some very strong astrological aspects in the chart comparisons indicating some past life connections. Please visit the Synastry section for more on this topic. Please also be patient with my posting of this information as I am still formulating my thoughts on this.

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